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Synchronized Digital Clock Systems

Synchronized clock is a clock receive its clock data from a centrilised clock systems. Centrilised clock system can be a single master clock , internal NTP Server , public NTP server , GPS as well. Synchronizing method can be GPS , NTP , ETHERNET , RADIO , WIRELESS , CABLE. Synchronized digital clock systems are use in Air Ports , Hospital , Schools , Universities , Production Lines , Control Centers.


Synchronized Digital Clock Systems
LOREX NTP Synchronized Digital Clock Systems
TIMETOOLS NTP Synchronized Clock Systems
LOREX RS485 Synchronized Clock Systems

Clocks can be produced as single side or double side.

RS485 Communication in Synchronized Clock Systems:

Cabling between slave clocks and master clock should be 2 x 0.5mm² shilded cable. Maximum Cable lenght can be 1000 meter. In case cable lenght need more then 1000 meter , Repetear accesories should be use at each 1000 meter. Numeral Heights Can Be Manufactures as 100mm - 170mm (Optional)


NTP / SNTP Communication in Synchronized Clock Systems :

IP clocks synchronize directly via network time protocol (NTP) over Ethernet. Clocks are powered by power-over-ethernet. A Ethernet power injector can be used to convert 110/220VAC mains power. All IP Clocks can be configurable by DHCP or TELNET protocols.

Both communication method can be synchronized with GPS.

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