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Apollo XP95 Optical Smoke Detector - 55000-600APO

  • The XP95 range of analogue addressable fire detectors uses tried and trusted technology to give the best performance, and has unique features that benefit the installer and the end user. It is suitable for medium-to-large applications with simple installation requirements. As it operates using digital communication, XP95 has a high immunity from corruption, and is, therefore, often preferred in a large system where life safety is critical. XP95 products are frequently used in commercial, industrial, financial, government, IT/telecoms and healthcare applications.

  • Brand Features:

    • Alarm flag for fast alarm reporting
    • Alarm address for fast location of alarm
    • XPERT 7 Card addressing
    • Electronics-free base
    • Easy installation
    • Elegant design

    Key Features:

    • XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol compatible
    • Responds well to slowburning, smouldering fires
    • Well-suited to bedrooms and escape routes
    • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure

Price : On Request
  • Device Addressing:

    Each XP95 device responds to interrogation and command from central control equipment. It communicates to the panel information on status, command bits, type, location, and other information that allows an alarm to be raised even when the device is not itself being interrogated. Message error checking is also provided. The devices are compatible with Discovery® systems and control equipment to aid maintenance, extension and upgrade of existing systems.

    A unique, patented XPERT card provides simple, user friendly and accurate identification of detector location whereby a coded card, inserted in the base, is read by any detector once it is plugged in. All the electronic components are in the detector but the location information is held in the base. The address card simplifies and speeds up installation and commissioning. Addressing errors during maintenance and service are eliminated.


Technical Specification
Model - Description :
55000-600APO - Apollo XP95 Optical Smoke Detector
Detection principle :
Photo-electric detection of light scattered in a forward direction by smoke particles
Chamber configuration :
Horizontal optical bench housing an infrared emitter and sensor arranged radially to detect scattered light
Sensor :
Silicon PIN photo-diode
Emitter :
GaAs infra-red light emitting diode
Sampling frequency
Once per second
Nominal response threshold value of 0.12 dB/m when measured in accordance with EN 54-7
Supply Wiring
Two wire supply, polarity insensitive
Terminal functions :
L1 & L2 Loop in & out positive +R Remote indicator positive connection (internal 2.2 kΩ resistance to supply +ve) –R Remote indicator negative connection (internal 2.2 kΩ resistance to supply -ve)
Supply voltage :
17 V to 28 V dc
Digital communication :
XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol compatible
Quiescent current
340 µA
Power-up surge current

1 mA for 1 second

Alarm indicator
Clear light emitting diode (LED) emitting red light
Alarm LED current
4 mA
Remote LED current
5 mA maximum
Storage temperature
-30°C to +80°C
Operating temperature -20°C to + 60°C
Humidity 0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
Effect of atmospheric pressure Unaffected
Effect of wind speed Unaffected by wind
Vibration, impact and shock EN 54-7
IP Rating IP44
Standards and approvals* EN 54, CPR, LPCB, VdS, BOSEC, SBSC, CCMG, FG
Dimensions 100 mm diameter x 42 mm height
Weight 105 g
Materials Housing: White flame-retardant polycarbonate Terminals: Nickel plated stainless steel

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  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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