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3MK-5120D Natural Gas Detector / Domestic Gas Alarm

Gas Detectors
  • 3MK-5120D Natural Gas Detector is a household gas alarm device that can detect many combustible gas type including metane , butane , LPG , propane.
  • 3MK-5120D Natural Gas Detector has been fully designed and manufactured in Turkey
  • Key Features
  • FAULT / POWER / ALARM State LED Indicator
  • Compatible With Fire Alarm Control Panels or Intrusion Panels
  • NO / NC Relay Output for control selenoid valves
  • 85dB Alarm Output
  • Housed in a white plastic enclosure
  • Fixed mains cord and plug
  • 12V DC / 24V DC / 220V AC Mains Supply Voltage Options
  • TS EN 50194
  • TSE Approved
  • GAZMER Approved
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TSE Approved , GAZMER Approved

3MK-5120D Natural Domestic Gas Alarm Device is a detector that can sense toxic and explosive gases in the air. 3MK-5120D is a gas alarm device that approved by TSE and GAZMER. When the detected gas density reaches a set value , 3MK-5120D domestic gas alarm emits a loud alarm signal to alert users to take precautinary measures.

3MK-5120D Domestic Gas Alarm Device can work as a standalone device , also it can work as a part of a security surveillance or fire alarm systems thanks to NO/NC Relay contact output so it is very convenient for connecting an intrusion or a fire alarm systems. It also can work with a selenoid valve. In case a gas leakage is detected , 3MK-5120D gaz alarm device can cut off the gas valves.

The Green LED on the device represents power state , The RED LED represents gas leakage condition , The Yellow LED represents any fault condition.

3MK-5120D Natural Gas Alarm , Natural Gas Detector
Technical Specifications

Order Code & Description : 3MK-5120D - Natural Gas Detector
Type Of Sens : Semiconductor Sensing Technology
Relay Output : NO / NC Relay Contact
Selenoid Valve Output: 250 VA
Power Consumption : 3W
Gas Threshold : %10 5000 ppm (0-50%LEL
Working Temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
Humidity : 80%
Sounder : 85 dB Inbuilt Sounder
Sensor Lifetime : 5 Years
Start Up: 45 Seconds
Qty in Box : 40pcs.
Unit Weight : 400gr
Unit Dimensions : 85mm X 120mm X 46mm
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Gas detector wiring diagram
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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