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Sismik NOFIRE Sismik NOFIRE Electromechanical Earthquake Sensor

Sismik NOFIRE Electromechanical Earthquake Sensor

Sismik NOFIRE Earthquake Sensors , activates emergency scenario and allows to stop elevators and bring it to nearest floor in any public or residential building such as hospitals , schools , factories etc. Sismik NOFIRE Seismic Sensors are also be used with power generators and solenoid valves and power supply systems. It has (N/O-N/C) normally open and normally closed dry contact outputs. It can operate elevator or any other systems such as gas shut off , power cut off facilities etc.

Price : On Request - In Stock.
Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage : 190V - 230VAC 50Hz.
Standby Current : 0.03A
Battery Size : 12V 2,3Ah
Battery Charge Voltage : 11,7VDC-13,8VDC ± %3
Battery Duration : 36 Hours
Valve Relay Output : 5A (max) ; 230VAC / 28VDC
Valve Output Current : 1.6A
Relay Output Current : 5A (max) ; 230VAC / 28VDC
Battery Check : Auto (per 100sec. with 60mA load)
Working Temperature : -10 +51,5º C
Installation Angle : Horizontal 0°
Discharge Battery Level : 11,85 VDC (±%5)
Dimension : 180mm x 215mm x 165mm
Dry Contact Outputs : 2 X NO&NC
Weight : 6.2Kg
Outer Box Dimensions : 300mm x 250mm x 570mm
Qty in Box : 3 pcs.
Display and Alarm Features
Earthquake Alarm : Inbuilt Sounder and LCD Display
Main State Indicator : YES
Battery State Indicator : YES
Battery Fault Monitoring : YES - Battery Backup always is checked , in case charge voltage level can not reach to 11.7V , user will hear audible notification.
Selenoid Valve Line Fault Monitoring : YES - In case any short circuit or open circuit fault occur on the cable of selenoid valves , LED indicators and sounder will be activated and users will be alerted.
Auto Battery Charge Function : YES
Reset Button : YES
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