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C-TEC C4408DR Relay Base With Diode  

  • Compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of ActiV fire detectors.
  • Includes a 1A @ 24 VDC relay controlled by detector’s remote LED output.
  • Ideal for switching CCTV , security , SCADA , PLC and door retaining systems.
  • Third-party certified to the relevant parts of EN54 in conjunction with our ActiV detectors.
  • Easy to fit with lots of working space.
  • Can be ceiling mounted in any orientation due to the true 360° degree viewing angle of the LED indicator strips on all ActiV detectors.
  • Integrated detector/base locking mechanism, head removal tool and ID tag.
  • Simple ‘click and twist’ design.
  • Remote LED terminals for the optional connection to a BF318 Remote indicator.
  • C4408R non-diode relay base also available for use on systems that do not require head out monitoring
  • Can be connected in the same way as a PIR or magnetic door contact to either a dedicated fire zone or any other spare zone on the intruder alarm panel the 12V-24V detector will trigger the alarm systems sounders or in some panels a dedicated fire sounder.
CE Certified
Approved by Intertek
made in England

Price : On Request - In Stock.
Technical Specification
Model - Description :
C4408DR Relay Base with Diode
Approval / Certification : Certified to the relevant parts of EN54 by Intertek as part of our ActiV fire detector certifications.
Supply Voltage : 9-33V DC
Wiring : (1) +V In; (2) +V Out; (3) Remote LED +V; (4) 0V; (5) 0V; (6) Screen; (7) Screen. NO/C/NC relay connections. Contact rating @ 24VDC is 1A. Terminals can accept up to 2.5mm fire rated cable.
Terminals : 2-wire monitored, polarity sensitive.
Dimensions : Dia : 102.2mm x Deep : 30mm
IP Rate :
Weight :
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  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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