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C-TEC C402 CAST Analogue Addressable Programmable Heat Detector
C-TEC C402 CAST Analogue Addressable Programmable Heat Detector
  • The C-Tec CA402 is a CAST protocol programmable addressable heat smoke detector for use on the C-Tec CAST protocol range of fire alarm system equipment.
  • A high quality programmable heat detector for use with C-TEC's XFP & ZFP 'CAST' protocol Addressable Fire Panels.
  • LPCB certified to EN54-5 & 17 and Kiwa Telefication certified to EN54-13.
  • Can be programmed to operate as a Class A1R (rate of rise), Class A2 (64ºC fixed temperature) or Class B (76ºC fixed temperature) heat detector. Default setting is A2.
  • Onboard short circuit loop isolator.
  • Includes two 8mm x 2mm ultra-bright red LED indicating strips.
  • Different sensitivities can be selected for different times of the day (day/night, building occupied/unoccupied etc).
  • 5mA typical alarm current (370uA typical quiescent) @ 22-40V DC.
  • Programmable multi-function status LED.
  • Compatible with C-TEC's CA408 CAST base c/w integrated locking mechanism & ID tag.

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CAST' is the world’s most-advanced 'distributed intelligence’ fire alarm system protocol. Conceived, designed and realised by C-TEC as part of a five-year, multi-million pound project, it involved the creation of a powerful proprietary communication protocol (C-TEC Addressable System Technology, CAST) and multiple control panels & field devices. Now available to purchase, its key features include:

• 255 devices per loop.
• Autonomous decision-making for faster response times.
• Multiple type codes.
• 40V loop drive voltage.
• Two ‘soft’ addressing options – automatic via the panel or manual via a powerful handheld programmer.
• Powerful multi-level addressing facilitates easy device addition and swapped device identification.
• Multiple functionality at a single address (integrated devices) - due 2021.
• Volumes, tones & detector modes can be changed at compatible panels.
• High-speed data transmission and robust data transfer.
• Intrinsically EN54-13 compliant.
• Provides geographical location of short and open circuit faults (a short circuit isolator is included as standard in every CAST field device).
• Replace device function.
• Programmable multi-function status LED.
• Future seamless integration with other CAST life safety systems reducing energy, servicing, installation and repair costs.
• Designed and manufactured in the UK.

C4416 Konvansiyonel Optik Duman Dedektörü
Technical Specification
Approvals/certifications LPCB certified to EN54-5 & 17 and Kiwa Telefication certified to EN54-13.
Compatibility Compatible with C-TEC's XFP/ZFP CAST Protocol Addressable Fire Panels.
Type Class A1R, Class A2 or Class B Heat (Programmable).
Application/operation Generates an alarm when a specific temperature is reached (Modes 1, 2 & 3). In Mode 1 also generates an alarm when a sudden rise in temp is detected.
Sensitivity Mode 1 (A1R): Rate of Rise and 56ºC fixed; Mode 2 (A2): 62ºC fixed; Mode 3 (B): 74ºC fixed. Selectable at the panel.
Supply wiring 2-wire, polarity sensitive.
Supply/operating voltage 22 to 40V DC.
Quiescent current 370µA typical @ 22 to 40V DC.
Alarm current 5mA typical (LEDs illuminated) @ 22 to 40V DC.
Indicators 2 LED indicator strips emitting red light when in alarm offering 360º visibility. Optional remote LED.
Connections Via CA408 base: 1 +Ve IN (analogue swich); 2 +Ve OUT (analogue switch); 3 Remote LED +Ve; 4 0V; 5 0V; 6 Screen; 7 Screen.
Product dimensions (mm) 102.2mm diameter x 37mm deep (detector only); 102.2mm diameter x 57.5mm deep (detector in base).
Construction & finish White polycarbonate casing rated to UL94 V-2 with nylon parts.
IP Rating IP42.
Weight 99g (not in base); 154g (in base).
Operating conditions/temperature -20ºC to +85ºC.
Requires a CA408 CAST base. CA408R relay base also available.
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  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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