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LOREX LR-DPA Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit

 LOREX LR-DPA Single Zone Accessible Toilet Alarm
  • LOREX LR-DPA is specifically designed for accessible toilets , easy to install and simple to use. Allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. The users just pulls the LR-EPS ceiling pull cord to activate a light and sounder outside the WC.
  • LR-DPA kits can also be used as a single zone emergency assistance alarm in a changing rooms, solariums, interview rooms, reception areas and more.
  • Simple to install 12V system


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LR-DPA Kit Content and Device Descriptions

LOREX LR-EPS Ceiling Pull Cord
  • LR-EPS Emergency Ceiling Pull Switch
  • LOREX LR-EPS Ceiling Pull Cord is specifically designed to give alarms from bathrooms, toilets and ensuites. The unit is ceiling mounted and features a floor length cord terminated with easy to use to pull handle. It also incorporates a reassurance indicator , which light to confirm a call has been generated.
  • LOREX EPS Ceiling Pull Cord has voltage free Normally Open and Normally Close contacts
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LR-RP3 Oda İçi Resetleme Ünitesi
  • LR-RP3 Remote Reset Point
  • LR-RP3 Can be used to remotely cancel standard calls generated from LR-EPS ceiling pulls and/or wall call points that are wired on the same zone.
LR-CCL Kapı Üstü İkaz Lambası
  • LR-CCL Corridor Call Light
  • LR-CCL Provides audible and visual indication of LR-DPA accessible toilet alarm calls outside bedrooms, WCs and any other area fitted with an LR-DPA kits. It has 2 options , one is constant light and sound , the other one is flashing light and sound.


LOREX LR-DPA Accessible Toilet Alarm Wiring

LOREX LR-DPA Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
Order Code : LR-DPA - Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
Package Size : 19,5cm x 11,5cm x 10cm
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