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Ei Electronics Ei208DW LCD Display Battery Powered CO Alarm


The Ei208DW CO Alarm is a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm that is powered by a sealed-in Lithium battery. The Ei208DW has a high performance, proven electrochemical sensor to detect CO presence. The sensor is individually calibrated and tested in CO gas on assembly to ensure accuracy.

The LCD displays CO level, status messages and icons.

The alarm has a twist on mounting base which has multiple fixing points so it can easily be secured to a ceiling or wall.

The memory feature records the last CO level sensed and can be useful to check if CO has been present if the home owner or tenant has been absent from the property.

An easy to use ‘Test/Hush’ button allows the user to test the alarm. This checks all aspects of the alarm (sensor, electronics and sounder).

The alarm has an ‘End of Life’ indicator which will notify the user when the alarm needs replacing.

  • Key Feature
  • Proven Electrochemical sensor
  • 10 year Lithium sealed battery
  • LCD displays CO level, status messages and icons
  • Pre alarm LED and LCD display gives early warning of CO
  • Easy to fit twist on base and multi-fixings
Price : On Request
Technical Specification

Supply Voltage : Seal Battery Lithium Battery
Sound Level : 85dB @3mt.
Self Check : New generation electrochemical cell type Carbon Monoxide sensor checks CO concentration every 4 seconds, 
Approval : BS EN 50291-1:2010 / BS EN 50291-2:2010
CO Level Display : The LCD display will also show the actual CO level in parts per million (PPM).
Low Battery Indicator : The LCD will display a ‘Low Battery’ indicator and the amber fault light will flash twice every minute with two beeps to indicate that that the unit needs replacing.
Fault Indicator : The LCD will display a ‘Replace Unit’ message and the amber fault light will flash twice every 50 seconds if a fault is detected.
End of Life Indicator : The LCD will display a ‘Replace Unit’ message and the amber fault light will flash three times every minute with three simultaneous beeps if the unit has reached its end of life.
Memory Feature : Memory feature which records the last CO level sensed. If the unit has been in alarm and then ceased, the red LED will continue to flash for a 24 hour period to indicate the level of CO sensed. Pressing the ‘Test’ button will also show the last CO level sensed via the LCD  display and by the rate of flash of the red LED.
Mounting Equipment : Supplied with integral mounting base and fixing screws. The mounting base has multiple fixing holes and the alarm is suitable for ceiling or wall mounting
Humidity : %15-%95 RH
Operating temperature : -10°C to +40°C
Dimensions : 120mm x 105mm x 45mm
Weight : 178g
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  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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